ITALY: Yesterday exit in the cinema the film biografy: Chiara Ferragni unposted

Chiara Ferragni: Unposted, the documentary film directed by Elisa Amoruso, tells the personal story and career of the famous influencer, Chiara Ferragni. Through the lens of her camera, the director managed to establish a profound relationship with Chiara, which in a short time brought to light a true alchemy between the two. This is how this project was born, which tells for the first time on the big screen a therapeutic path of openness, discovery and sincere confrontation. The title of the documentary, “Chiara Ferragni: Unposted”, reveals Ferragni’s point of view, different from how it usually shares it on its social media. Chiara is more intimate and different from the one we are used to seeing. Topics and events never told before will be discussed, showing a completely new Chiara.

Chiara Ferragni with her 15 million followers, according to Forbes magazine, is the first influencer in the world in the field of fashion. Known throughout the globe, in the era of social media, where value is measured with popularity, the 30-year-old blonde from Cremona in a very short space of time has become an icon of style and elegance, but also of life. Today having millions of virtual followers represents enormous power and the achievement of success, through what appears to be an easy road to follow. It is believed that it is enough to create an ad hoc post on Instagram to have a revenue and consequently a life that everyone dreams of, but this is only an illusion or a belief of the most. Behind a social profile, like that of Ferragni, there is a great job well thought out and every post is never just ‘a post’.

One of the crucial years in the life of the influencer is definitely 2018, during which so many things happened: the little Leone, his son, was born and he married the Milanese rapper Fedez. Besides these happy personal events, the blonde from “The Blonde Salad” made an important decision regarding her business; he chose, in fact, to lead in person, becoming CEO, both companies he founded, namely the Tbs Crew and Chiara Ferragni Collection. This decision was followed by an increasingly rapid and unstoppable increase in followers, so much so that a hashtag was created, #Chiaraneverstop, which defines this young woman well and the increasingly urgent rhythms with which she had to deal in recent months.

The film retraces each stage of the story of his hectic life, made of personal and professional growth. Chiara Ferragni Unposted answers so many questions that her followers and they have not asked themselves, like who this girl really has climbed the world and above all how she did it or how she becomes like her. A company, that of Ferragni, based on the likes, which communicates via social media and through which the influencer has built his profession and his fame. The protagonist of what is defined as “the social cultural revolution”, Chiara has become the idol of all those people who aspire to build a virtual enterprise and above all the symbol of a certain totally innovative and different female model from the one that is usually provided by the social networks themselves. The documentary gives answers to many of those questions that have been flashing in the minds of young people for years, but also by those who are intrigued by this figure so young, beautiful and so powerful.

Chiara Ferragni is a young woman, an influencer, a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur and a cultural phenomenon that fascinates and fascinated Harvard journalists, writers, sociologists and teachers. The advent of social networks has profoundly changed our way of life and the world around us, influencing every field, from fashion to politics. Everyone can reach everything thanks to the web, allowing us to know many more things and to no longer see unattainable goals, which until ten years ago we didn’t even think we could remotely think. The film investigates this virtual reality, by now ours, and the significant moments of Chiara Ferragni, to which scenes of everyday life, interviews and what is her realm, the virtual and colorful world of Instagram are mixed.

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