Memoji on Whatsapp, here’s how

From Apple to Android, shared avatars spread as stickers and then used on chat and social networks

Once they were the smilies, then the memoji arrived. No longer a standard face for all occasions, but one’s own face to replace faces. The revolution of expressions came on the iPhone (but only from the X line) with iOS 12, which allowed to customize the emoji transforming it into an animal or animated avatar (animoji). But if before the game was a prerogative limited to the Apple universe, now the iOS 13 version recently released for devices starting from the iPhone 6S and for iPad has opened a window to the Android world. The operation seems to be appreciated on a large scale, given that the memoji have invaded the Network, passing as predictable from smartphones and tablets to social media.

If this racking happened in a short time it is thanks to the stickers that allow you to create memoji on commission, – for example for someone who has an Android device but asked us to create his “portrait” – and then send it via Whatsapp in all its expressive expressions.

The key to being able to have memos is the A9 and later chips that allow you to animate the smilies. This means that even on iPads from the fifth generation onwards it is possible to click on the iMessage memoji button to create the desired avatar by selecting the skin color, eyes, face shape, hair, glasses and other physical details up to the look (piercings, hat, glasses and other accessories). Once created, the smiley face can take all the variants already known for the traditional expressions and situations, so as to be able to use the avatar for “personalized” comments on any platform.

In the case of Apple devices the memoji will be directly in the keyboard (in a tab added to the other emoji always in the foreground). The option was also appreciated by the Android world: just ask a friend to get the stickers with their own “caricature” to add to the keyboard to always have it within reach.

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