What is the difference between the life of a gigolo and a prostitute in India?

What is the difference between the life of a gigolo and a prostitute in India?

Prostitution is technically illegal but widely practiced in India. By one count prostitution is an $8 billion a year industry with more two million prostitutes and 275,000 brothels. In another count in all of India, there are as many as 10 million commercial sex workers. Their core clientele has traditionally been truck drivers, migrant workers and other men separated from their families for long periods of time.

Lately I have been curious about life of a gigolos . The question that keep coming up in my mind was that is it in any way different from the life of a prostitute. After Reading several articles here is my conclusion.

Everyone does this job for the money.

When it comes to men some are poor and need money others are not poor but have desire for high end stuff and to support those desires they need more money.

When it comes to women some do it willingly, some need money , some were forced into this profession, some were sold as a child.

I found several stories where prostitutes were beaten and abused by their john’s , but i couldn’t find a single story where a gigolos were abused by their client .

In one of the articles I read that in this business women make more money than men.

Here are some of the stories that i found about life of Gigolos and Prostitutes.

Story 1.

Around five years ago, when I became a gigolo, I was least bothered about things such as why women, particularly married ones, would pay for sex and about whether it makes them feel guilty. All I wanted was easy money to supplement my income as a content writer with an advertising company in Delhi.

As a sex worker, I make Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 depending on who I am catering to and how much time I give.

Everyone likes easy money, especially when it comes with sex, something which all of us enjoy.

Story 2.

Rohit(name changed) enjoys his morning coffee, plays computer games in the evening, and works an average of four hours per week. But work doesn’t involve sitting at a desk. The 27-year-old is a sex worker and escort, and his story mirrors that of many young men who come to Mumbai to make it big. Hailing from a small town in Gujarat, Rohit hopes to become a top fashion model someday. But till then, sex pays the bills.

When Rohit was broke and unemployed at 23, he posted his services on an online forum, and his job evolved from there. “I was Rs 5,000 short for rent one month and had three days to make up the difference. I thought ‘why not?’. An older guy from New Delhi responded, and I was a little leery, but he offered me cash and a ticket to the Capital for three days,” he says. This became a fast and easy way to make money from people who didn’t care that he had a peculiar resume. Soon, the money started flowing in and Rohit enrolled in a gym. He also invested in a penis enlargement device to beef up his tool of trade.

While Rohit identifies as gay, he was told by a friend to ‘diversify his portfolio’ and cater to older women too. Initially hesitant, Rohit took the plunge. The money was good, and some of the women enlisted his services just for companionship. “One lady sat me down in the hotel room she had booked in South Mumbai and just wanted to hold hands and talk.

Story 3.

24 year-old Shantal, a sexy bhabhi college student of one of the prestigious universities in Delhi. Even before completing her education, she has found her ‘perfect’ job that offers convenient working hours and great money. “I belong to a middle-class family from north India and cannot afford a lavish lifestyle without working somewhere. I utilize my free time to earn some money,” tells Kajal as she flaunts a new cell phone she had bought recently.

Kajal is one of those high-priced prostitutes who have entered this profession by choice and have no qualms about it. “You sell your brain, we sell our body. What’s the fuss about? I feel, our society is still very judgmental. If a boy and girl go on a blind date and end up having sex—that’s fine. But if the guy pays the girl for sex, it becomes unethical,” opines Kajal.


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