Differences between blog and website

What are the differences between these elements? Over the years I have developed several editorial projects with personal and corporate blogs. This is why the conclusion is simple: there are two big differences between a blog and a website that relate to the possibility of always creating new updates for informational content, and the ability to generate discussions.

The first step is closely related to the aspect of inbound marketing: finding the right people when they need you, the marketing encyclopedia says. And the blog succeeds very well in this. While the commercial pages respond to people’s needs to buy, book and leave emails for other offers, the articles intercept the searches for those who need help.

Each item is an open door for your customers. The static website, on the other hand, remains in its 7, 8 or 9 publications. Which most likely are the ones you have created to encompass commercial steps. This is the first difference between site and blog. The second concerns the diary’s ability to host interactions, discussions and comments: this is the voice of the potential client that you can address with a friendly tone of voice.

Is it better to open a website or a blog?
Here, this is the question that returns: better to open a website or a blog? The advantages are clear, now you need to define your position. The blog is not always the ideal tool for a given business. The first brakes come from resources: are you able to launch articles with a remarkable consistency? It is not enough to publish a post every six months, you must be persevering. And this means investing in writing and promoting texts.

Without forgetting the social promotion. A promotion that concerns the ordinary management of platforms and advertising. You can’t open a blog and hope that everyone works without the contribution of good writing and SMM. Another limit of the blog, the most important?

The purchasing processes are articulated. Very articulate. If you sell hosting you can open a blog and intercept the requests of those who might be interested in a domain or space on a shared server. But if you deal with turbines or hydraulic presses what do you do?

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