HOMI Outdoor Home & Dehors 2019, in Milan from 13 to 16 September confirms one of the trends in interior design in recent years: the spaces of the house hybridize. The living room can be temporarily transformed into a home office, the kitchen in the living area, the living in urban jungle and the balcony or terrace often become an extension of the living area. The boundary between in and out is getting thinner.

It does not matter whether they are shelter structures, furnishings, accessories, objects or gadgets: the design projects multiply the possibilities of use and create furniture and accessories perfect both for the garden, the veranda of the house or the terrace, as for the day space.

Outside or inside is no longer a concern. The traditional separation between outdoor furniture and indoor furniture has now been overcome. The outdoor is an extension of the indoor space. The garden furniture is no longer a standard B furniture.

On the contrary, there are many companies that at Homi 2019 analyze the needs of living outside the home and living outdoors and transform it, through research and innovation, into a high-level design that is often sold and purchased for the living room .

Yes, because today adhering to a sustainable green thinking is no longer just a seasonal desire that ends with the arrival of autumn, but a real way of being and living, under the banner of respect for the environment that we surrounds. A necessity.

The event Homi Outdoor 2019, the event for operators and sector operators in the spaces of Fiera Milano Spa, tells us, in three different Pavilions (Halls 18 – 22 – 24), the evolution of the new home room.

The reorganization of the external domestic spaces is enriched with balcony plants, flowers and the care and attention given to any other living environment that allows us to enjoy our moment of relaxation, even in the open air.

To furnish the furniture in wood, white and light colors (typical of the Mediterranean taste), are flanked by accessories that prefer straw and wicker. The coexistence of different materials such as nautical rope, aluminum, elastic tape and teak characterize many collections.

The marine canvas waste, as resistant as it is charming, is used for sofas, chaise longues, chairs and ottomans. In textiles, bright colors and strong colors dominate, as well as ethnic prints and patterns that draw inspiration from nature.

The disposable products are banned, the objects are reused or of natural origin to lord. Eliminating waste is another focus on the environment and the landscape of Homi Outdoor 2019. Designers and artisans design furnishing accessories, accessories and decorations created through the artistic practice of Duchampian Ready Made.

Design craftsmanship uses noble materials such as glass, aluminum and cotton that are mixed together to create design objects that last a long time.

Another fundamental aspect that can be perceived walking through the corridors of the Fair is the need for serenity and lightness. In summary: whether it is classic functional furnishings or innovative solutions for domestic environments, design objects must convey joy and well-being.

Bright colors, cheerful shapes, fun products that can convey positive emotions alongside practicality and ergonomics. The sense of smell, our most powerful and evocative sense, is stimulated by new fragrances that already project us to the future winter periods of Christmas holidays.

And in fact, last but not least, at Homi Outdoor 2019, it is already possible to understand what the trends for Christmas decorations will be next Christmas: warm white point lights will decorate the garden and the terrace.


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