Distance work is spreading rapidly around the world: a survey commissioned by video conferencing company Owl Labs, according to which employees who work from home at least once a month (68% of workers in the world) have the 24% more likely to feel happy and productive at work than their colleagues at the desk.

But what was once called telework is also a savings for companies: this is why in the last 5 years the number of companies offering the possibility of working from home has grown by 40%.

This means that there are more people who set up a home office, although not everyone has the space to have a complete office.

For this it is useful to evaluate the option of a folding desk, to fold up when not needed.

Here are the most interesting models of folding desks we found online.

Very small, just the space of a laptop, this solid wood folding table is the right model to make a corner to dedicate to work in a small apartment, installing it for example beside the bed where, at night, it can also be a bedside table.

This table with flap has enough space to work with a laptop, a mouse and a notebook, and uses a suspended system that makes it visually light, suitable even for very small spaces.

Even lighter to the eye thanks to the wall hooking system without triangular brackets, and with a longer length, this folding table can also be used as a desk, as well as a table top.

This flip table in MDF uses the wall to organize a system of storage compartments useful for having notebooks, pens and books at hand even in a small space.

A wall-mounted desk with container, which uses the suspension system to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum, while a hole in the work surface keeps the cables in order.

More cumbersome, but with all the space needed to organize your home office, Ikea’s shelving system with folding table is suitable for those who work from home quite frequently.

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