Gina Lollobrigida, the icon of cinema turns 90 years old

On 4 July the diva celebrates “30 years for the third time”, as she calls them

Celebrated throughout the world, Gina Lollobrigida celebrates its 90th birthday on 4th July. The Italian diva has embodied the overwhelming Mediterranean beauty, on the big screen and beyond, in a constant distance struggle with the inseparable rival Sophia Loren. It was the emblem of the increased beauty of the Fifties, a label coined specifically for her by Vittorio De Sica in the 1951 film “Frine’s trial”.

Born in 1927 in Subiaco (Rome) as Luigia Lollobrigida in a wealthy family, she lost everything following a bombing at the end of the war. The encounter with the world of entertainment took place in 1947 on the stage of “Miss Roma” and thanks to the photo novel “In the bottom of the heart”. In the same year she was invited to the finals of “Miss Italia”, she did not win but the showcase of the competition opened the doors of Cinecittà.

THE 50’S AND THE BIRTH OF BERSAGLIERA – The meeting with Luigi Zampa, who made them from Pygmalion with “Campane a martello” and “Cuori senza frontiere”, with Monicelli and Steno, with Pietro Germi and with Carlo Lizzani, which the they launched as an actress in the early fifties. Courted by the most famous directors, Luigi Comencini decreed his absolute fame alongside Vittorio De Sica in the resounding success of “Pane, amore e fantasia” (1953). For all it becomes the Bersagliera and from that moment “the Lollo” could afford large co-productions, lucky followers (“Pane amore e gelosia”, after which it will leave the role to the “rival” Sophia Loren) and more committed roles.

THE SIXTY YEARS AND THE TELEVISION – The Fifties were his stage, but in the following decade the diva intelligently exploited his name and his aura of sex symbol. In the cinema he joined the television: from the “Pinocchio” of Comencini to the American series “Falcon Crest”, until the last appearance in the remake of “La romana” signed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. In this period the passion for photography dragged her around the world, leading her to exhibit in the most prestigious galleries.
THE GOOD TO THE CINEMA – Cinema in the Sixties becomes a thing of the past, but the seventh art has not forgotten it. In 1996 her friend Gian Luigi Rondi wants her for a David di Donatello for his career and ten years later she is awarded another special trophy to celebrate 50 years from the first statue won with “The most beautiful woman in the world”.

ALL THE MEN OF THE LOLLO – Many have fallen in love with his contagious sympathy and monumental beauty, but he has had only one husband. In 1949 he married the Slovenian doctor Milko Skofic, father of Andrea, who in recent years has engaged with her furious hereditary disputes together with his nephew Dimitri. It ended up again at the center of controversy and gossip due to the alleged marriage to the Spanish entrepreneur Javier Rigau, 34 years younger, with whom he would marry by proxy. Recently his assistant Andrea Piazzolla has been accused of having circulated her, but Lollo has always reacted with lucidity to gossip. The woman who turns 90 and feels like a thirty-year-old who celebrates for the third time, now appears alone, but full of life: the same that she was able to give to generations of worshipers with her ironic and provocative smile.

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