Google changes the search algorithm: here are the pages that will have more visibility

Thousands of operators to monitor compliance with the new guidelines: higher up in the ranking the original, reliable, in-depth and professional content

Google’s battle for fake news and approximate information continues. This time the Mountain View company takes the field with a change in the Google Search algorithm and the recruitment of 10,000 expert operators engaged in its supervision. In particular with regard to news sites, the digital giant wants to place the original, reliable and in-depth content higher in the ranking. The authoritative controls and the specific competences of the authors are also closer.

More space for the quality of content – Until now, Google has positioned the most complete versions of a story and the latest ones in chronological terms at the top of the ranking. With the new algorithm, the original contents, ie those from which a scandal or an investigation started and which, at the time of publication, provided information that would otherwise have been unknown, will be in evidence – even longer. The more in-depth contents will also be enhanced, which require a lot of time, effort and resources from those who publish them. Obviously, quality control will not fail: the 10,000 new Google recruits, experts in various fields, will evaluate the reliability of the contents and “train” the search engine to meet the objectives of the new guidelines. Furthermore, the standards will not be applied only to textual content, but also to artistic content, such as videos, images and photographs, which will be evaluated for the ability, talent and time taken to make them.
The authoritativeness of the content authors will be fundamental – The new algorithm will take into consideration the content, but also the author. The pages most closely monitored will be the YMYL, or those that can have the greatest effect on users’ security, health and financial stability. Google operators will check the qualifications and reputation of content creators. Under particular observation, the sites of medical advice. Still on the subject of authoritativeness, Google will no longer recognize only the Pulitzer Prize as a proof of quality with regard to journalistic awards. Public opinion believes that the historic prize is exclusively the prerogative of the liberal press and the Mountain View company would like to be considered politically neutral.
Google will also control the lexical choices – The vocabulary used in online sites will not be in the background in the Google quality assessment. To reduce the phenomena of hatred and discrimination of various kinds on the net, the digital giant will give more space to those who will use politically correct terms, such as, for example, “ethnic origin” instead of “ethnicity” and “gender or gender identity” to place of “kind.

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