In a first for Japan telcos, KDDI will launch “Mobile Communications Plan” enabled by Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Based on the “Mobile Communications Plan” enabled by Windows 10 April 2018 Update, in June 21, 2018, KDDI and Okinawa Cellular shall launch a pre paid plan called “LTE Data Pre paid”, within which users will have flexibility for when and how much data to charge. First of all, the support of Mobile Communications Plan will start from Intel based eSIM compatible Always Connected PCs.

Contracting for “LTE Data Pre-paid” via “Mobile Communications Plan” makes au 4G LTE high-speed data communications services available to domestic users in Japan using the latest eSIM-enabled Windows 10 PC. No need to contract separately for a SIM card.

As an additional benefit, users of both au smartphone and eSIM-enabled PC who contract for fixed-price data service can “data-share” via the au smartphone and take advantage of the data capacity already contracted without waste.

Tomoko Mikami, Executive Officer of Microsoft Japan K.K. and General Manager of Microsoft365 Business Division, made the following comments regarding “Mobile Communications Plan” based “LTE Data Pre-paid”:

“Microsoft Japan is greatly honored that KDDI has chosen the new service “Mobile Communications Plan” available with the April 2018 update for Windows 10. With “Mobile Communications Plan” users of the latest Windows 10 PC enabled for eSIM can use data-plans and be always on-line. So whenever they need to Customers can use the network at any time with a mobile PC.

KDDI is the first to leverage this service in Asia. Customers in Japan and travelers to Japan from overseas are now able to easily use high-speed networks on their PC. Microsoft continues to work with KDDI to realize a more user-friendly mobile PC environment.”

Additionally, Shunichi Kushima, Director and Country Category Manager, Personal Systems of HP Japan, made the following comment:

“HP Japan congratulates KDDI on the announcement of providing “LTE Data Pre-paid” via “Mobile Communications Plan”. Thin and light mobile PCs with robust security features play an important role in supporting diverse lifestyles and workstyles. “LTE Data Pre-Paid” now enhances productivity by making always-on connectivity possible. The new HP ENVY 12 x 2, an Always Connected PC which HP is announcing today, and HP EliteBook 830 G5 Notebook PC with the latest enterprise-class security features will enable customers to experience the benefits of a seamless computing experience between work and life.”

More additionally, Scott Overson, President of Intel(R) Japan, made the following comment:

“We appreciate that KDDI has chosen to bring Intel-architected Always Connected PCs to Japan. We’re proud of our portfolio of 4G LTE-connected PCs, particularly because they deliver a responsive customer experience on the go. What makes these PCs exceptional is their thin and light designs, long battery life and built-in 4G LTE connectivity all with the performance of the latest Intel technology.”

As KDDI works to integrate telecommunications with life design, we will fulfill our role as a company that provides excitement, creating new kinds of communication to generate new experiential value.

For details on the LTE Data Pre-paid plan, please visit Open link in a new window


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