Rambo: Last Blood

Back the former Green Beret, Vietnam veteran, soldier of a thousand wars and battles John Rambo, returns for the last (but will it be the last one?) Turned on the big screen, old, wounded in the soul, but ready to defend who loves, to fight against the predators that crowd a world of which he has never really felt a part, but victim and at the same time executioner. He does it in this Rambo: Last Blood, the last blood, the last to give but above all to pay, not in the name of confused ideals in countries to be saved, of strangers or friends to tear from the jaws of death, but of the old, honest and never out of fashion revenge.

A revenge that lives and breathes in a process built by Matthew Cirulnick and by Sylvester Stallone himself, struggling with that iconic character who only a few years ago said he wanted to “leave in peace”, of not wanting to use anymore. But there is always time for another battle, for one last mission, to review one of the most powerful symbols of American cinema of every time still in action, although this time, everything does not take place in some distant exotic hell , but in Arizona, where John had returned after the bloody events of the last chapter, dating back to 11 years ago.

Rambo: Last Blood – the last test for an old warrior

Rambo: Last Blood shows us the old (but never domo) Rambo who lives on his ranch in Arizona, together with his friend Maria (Adriana Barraza) and the latter’s daughter Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal), who will soon start college , leaving the man who fathered her for the last ten years a little more lonely and sad. Her real father abandoned her then, and to understand why, to get answers to questions before starting her new life, Gabrielle will go across the border, to Mexico, to find that father who rejected her so long ago .

But on his way he will find the terrible brothers Martinez, Hugo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and Victor (Oscar Jaenada) traffickers of human beings among the most ruthless, who will kidnap her. To save her, John Rambo embarks on a final crusade that will have many bloody and unexpected implications, which will put the old warrior and his death arsenal to the test for the last time.


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