Apple, the new operating system iOS 13 arrives

After the arrival of the iPhone 11, the latest iPhone by, the Cupertino company raises the veil on the new operating system. Mama for the iPad download will have to wait until September 30th

The long-awaited day by Apple mobile phone enthusiasts has arrived: from Thursday evening it is possible to download the new operating system iOS 13 for each iPhone, which will bring many important innovations to the devices of the Cupertino company, starting with an update on safety criteria. A version, however, not compatible with iPads. For the download on the tablets, in fact, we will have to wait for the next 30 September.

What changes and how to charge the update – The main changes are four: the dark mode, a secure login system, the new maps and the evolution of the photography system. Other changes concern Siri, Cloud management, messages, notes and the Health App. Dark Mode is an option that provides a new range of colors for applications and systems, and can also be timed. The “Sing in with Apple” is a much safer way to access the web, the mailbox and the secret word. In practice, you can use the same Apple ID to authenticate. Great news also on videos and photos, to get sharper shots and create more refined effects. Finally the maps, with increasingly advanced and exact applications, able to compete with Google, up to the road see mode of places and cities.

For the download of iOS13 the procedure is the one normally provided by Apple. Just go to Settings and select “update programming”. If you don’t send it immediately, don’t worry, your iPhone will remind you in a few days, with the usual notification on the screen. Indeed, considering the large data flow on the Cupertino servers it might be worth waiting a few hours to avoid delays.


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