Ferrari wins race 1 in Metropolitan I-Gp in Australia

For the Gallo Racing Team rider pole position and victory. Second place for Rizzoli of I-Gp Manager Official Italia, the Alfa Zullo of Orlando completes the podium

I-Gp Manager Australia – The first race of any Sim Racing championship often gives emotions, even unexpected ones. Especially for Metropolitan I-Gp, a new project that began last night at 9pm. What perhaps could not have been predicted, is the fierce brawl on the track, in the positions out front, for 29 long laps. Because for Ferrari, Gallo Racing Team driver, it was not at all easy to complete the “great slam” including pole and victory.

So it was for Motorsport Metropolitan, which with Costa and Pecorelli recovered numerous positions in the second part of the race. Or for the Winner team, which started very well from the back, had to deal with the overheating of the tires around lap 14.

The fifth team to score is Bmw Sauber F1 Team, with Ciampi, while both Williams Rothmans served a 20-second penalty. In the next eighteen races, we will certainly see the redemption of the Missionlosenow, Rocket and Winner teams; the latter, in points given the Willams penalty.

What to say: a battle with no holds barred. Rizzoli, with an impressive time trial in the second sector, has undermined the poleman of the Gallo since the first lap. Ferrari was perfect in managing the Boost, lengthening just enough to prevent Rizzoli’s attack on turn 1, with DRS open.

In the end the Gallo Racing driver, on fire as the livery of his single-seater, held out, bringing home a memorable victory. There is regret at Team IGp Official Italia, with Silvestri penalized for 20 seconds for not having assembled the second type of compound.

Who smiles is Alfa Zullo Racing, very fast in the race with its drivers. Longo, who started from behind, made several qualifying laps, finishing with a good seventh place. Orlando, on the other hand, more conservative with his own tires, finished third with 3 seconds ahead of Silvestri.

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