China, here is the prototype magnetic levitation train that reaches 600 km / h

Introduced the first model of fast train that travels using the magnets to hover above the tracks, practically eliminating friction: it can start operating from 2021

Technology, progress, the futuristic vision: China travels fast and just as quickly aims to make its citizens travel. The China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), in fact, presented a prototype of a fast train with magnetic levitation capable of traveling at 600 km / h, drastically reducing travel times between Shanghai and Beijing. According to the forecasts of the engineers should come into operation by 2021.

A frictionless journey – This is a train prototype able to use the magnets to hover over the tracks, succeeding in doing so in a substantially frictionless and very fluid journey. And significantly reducing travel times. Production of the vehicle, developed by the state-owned CRRC company in Qingdao city, is expected to begin in 2021 after a trial period. If successful, Beijing would thus be able to improve the results already achieved by the fastest Chinese magnetic levitation train that currently touches the speed of 431 km / h.

Faster than the plane – Ding Sansan, head of the research and development team of the Maglev team and deputy chief engineer of the company, said that “the prototype has already reached static levitation and is in ideal conditions”. According to the engineer, the convoy will be able to travel between Beijing and Shanghai in just three and a half hours. To get an idea of ​​what all this represents, just think that to travel the same route by plane you need “4 and a half hours, including the preparation of the journey and about 5 and a half hours with the high-speed railway line”.

Magnetic levitation technology Magnetic levitation is a technology that represents a true pride of Chinese technology. The commercial system based on this system is the fastest in the world with the 431 km / h reached by the train that transports passengers between Shanghai-Pudong airport and the city center along a 30 km section. The new train presented by Beijing, with its 600 km / h, however, would not represent an absolute record. In fact, in 2015, Japan tested a magnetic levitation train on an experimental route at Yamanashi whose speed touched 603 km / h.

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